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Course Description

 Our program is designed to take students who have a desire to serve in ministry and give them specific, intensive training that will qualify them to work with excellence in churches, para-church organizations and missions of all sorts. That excellence comes first and foremost from a vibrant living relationship with Christ in themselves. There is a tremendous need for qualified leaders and assistants in the church who can offer the Water Of Life to those dying of thirst. Those yearning for truth without compromise will find themselves wonderfully challenged and inspired by the courses at the Prince Edward Island Bible Institute.

The two programs offered by PEIBI include the following core curriculum:
Through the Narrow Gate - The Religion of the Reformation
  A close look at the Biblical truths that turned the world around in the early days of the Reformation
Matthew Series
  Our most essential class, examining the Gospel of Matthew as the foundation of Christianity. Two semesters.
Basics of Christian Living
  Practical application of what it means to be a Christian in a secular world.
Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to my Students
  Classic instruction to those entering ministry by one of the most esteemed teachers of all time.
New Testament
  Students actually read through the New Testament with class discussion and questions and answers.
Old Testament
  Students read the Word of God for themselves which is in itself the best form of instruction. Again, with class discussion, questions and answers.
The Book of Hebrews
  A close look at this powerful book examining the nature of the new covenant.
The Book of Romans
  Studying the book of Romans and how it is used to lead someone to Christ.
Basics of Worship
  How to lead worship in a way that takes the focus off the song leader and puts it on God where it belongs.
Basics of Youth Ministry
  What it means to capture the attention of young people through the challenging truths of the Gospel.
Practical Outreach and Evangelism
  On the job training. After class instruction going out to actually do the job of reaching the hopeless with the good news of the Gospel.
  A remarkable look at what it means to be a Christian and a young woman.

Prince Edward Island Bible Institute currently offers two schools of Bible training. One is a two semester program called 'Preparation for Evangelism' which is suitable for enhancing all types of ministry work including youth ministry, evangelism, music ministry, outreach, short term missions and pastoral. A second two semester school entitled 'Preparation for Ministry' equips men and women for all areas of Christian service [Preparation for Evangelism is a prerequisite].

Students who complete 'Preparation for Evangelism' will receive a certificate of evangelism training which will qualify them for all branches of outreach and short term missions. By completing the course 'Preparation for Ministry' students will recieve a certificate in ministry training that will qualify them to work as youth ministers, children's ministers, worship leaders, evangelists, mission workers and assistant pastors. A number of churches and ministries are already calling for our graduates for full time positions.

The courses will be delivered in a classroom setting. Classes will be small, so there will be a good student/teacher ratio. Books and materials are for the most part provided as downloads. The main text is the Bible which students are required to bring. We recommend the New American Standard Version as a scholarly but readable translation. Students are evaluated by verbal response to questions in class and by testing at intervals throughout the semester.