Now in it's sixth year, The SKY Family is pleased to be able to share, one on one, the life-changing principles of a life consecrated to God with those they have met during their busy touring schedule. The secret of joy is indeed the narrow gate that leads to life! If you have been touched by God at a concert or inspired to a life fully commited to serving God please pray and see if God would have you join the exciting work He's doing here.

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The SKY Family and PEI Bible Institute has worked hard to keep costs very low so that no one is excluded for financial reasons. In many cases tuition, room and board are less than half of most Bible schools. They also offer a number of scholarships, grants and work programs to help offset expenses. It's their hope that all can be included who truly desire to be part of the program.

2017 schedule:
Winter Semester:
Summer Semester: June - Sept.
The next openings at PEI Bible
Institute are in Jan. 2018


The training you recieve will prepare you for all types of Christian service including youth ministry, pastoral ministry, counselling, children's ministry and of course, evangelism. Many exciting opportunies are open within Unashamed Ministries itself and our hope is that some will continue with us in the work of preparing the Bride of Christ to meet the Bridegroom.


Ministries include: city outreach, nursing home outreach, touring with the SKYS team, concert follow-up, literature outreach and one on one evangelism. Courses include the exciting Revival Begins With You! classes including our foundational "Through The Narrow Gate" and "The Matthew Series."
The course is demanding and will require perseverence and determination to get through. In fact you will have to be determined just to begin. But for those who overcome every obstacle there are delights rarely found elsewhere. To those who dig in and become part of the program this school will be as a fountain of life!