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And Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. This is the call Jesus gave to his disciples nearly 2000 years ago and it is still the call He gives today. His true disciples were marked by their willingness to forsake all to follow Him. And so it is now. Are you willing to put away your pastimes to follow Jesus? Are you willing to put aside cherished dreams to pursue the One who said "he who seeks to keep his life in this world will lose it?" Are you the one in ten thousand who will actually put away the things that are distracting you from God in order to please Him? Are you one who would hear His word and do it and so have your house built on the rock?

This is the call God has given to us. Those who would enter study at PEI Bible Institute must hear the Lord calling them to follow. Then they must be willing to pay the cost of leaving their nets to do it. What are the nets? They are a comfortable life, a life consumed with modern distractions, a worldly life, a life desiring security in the world more than security in God. So the first entrance requirement at PEIBI is your willingness to take the step of leaving some of your cherished distractions behind. You will be asked to leave your music and videos at home. A computer will be for class work only. You will be asked to leave social networking behind for a season - a season in which you will encounter the Living Lord in a way you never thought possible. You do it for Jesus. Because He wants you to learn to love Him more than the world. Your time here will be short. The goal must be ever before you, that you want to be a true disciple of Jesus. This entrance requirement may not be found anywhere else, but neither will your time at PEIBI be like anywhere else.

Besides this you will need your transcripts from highschool or homeschool, SATs if you have them and a recommendation from your parents or pastor.

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