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~ Prince Edward Island compels you outdoors! It is a scenic wonderland and students are encouraged to get out and get with God as much as possible [very little encouraging is needed!]. So pack for winter fun. Hats, mitts, boots and ski pants are standard gear for the winter semester. Hiking, sledding, walking, following the bay are favorite pastimes.
~ For studying around the fire you might want to pack your favorite tea or beverage. All meals are provided but students can bring special treats [bring enough to share!] and personal food. Kitchen facilities are available to all. There are microwaves and refridgerators for the students use. A family atmosphere prevails which makes a very special environment.
~ There are towels and linens on hand but bringing a sleeping bag is helpful for outreaches.
~ For those coming from the U.S. passports or enhanced driver's license are needed at the border. Both are currently inexpensive and easy to obtain.
~ There are computers available for emailing at designated times. Phones are available with an international plans so students can call home at no charge.
~ Parents are welcome and encouraged to come with the students when possible. [Beginning and end of semester]